Event Management

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Our team has the skills, knowledge, and tools required to successfully plan, organize, execute, and evaluate events of all sizes and types. Here are some key capabilities that are essential for effective event management:

Project Management

Event management requires excellent project management skills, including the ability to develop project plans, set timelines, manage budgets, and track progress. We have done this for numerous large and small events.


Effective communication is critical for successful event management. This includes communicating with clients, vendors, and attendees, as well as managing internal communication within the event team.


Event managers need to be creative and able to come up with unique ideas for events that will engage and excite attendees. We don't just check the box here, we use proven and effective methodologies to engage.

Attention to Details

We are meticulous and detail-oriented, ensuring that every aspect of the event is planned and executed flawlessly. Wecreate redundancies to account for most every eventuality.


Events can be unpredictable, and DASH has always been able to adapt to changing circumstances and make quick decisions when necessary.

Vendor Management

A major part of our administrative duties for events is managing vendors and contractors, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that all vendors are delivering what was promised.

Risk Management

The DASH team identifies any potential risks and develops contingency plans to mitigate those risks.

Technical Knowledge

For events that have an audio/visual component, we bring our keen understanding of technical aspects of events such as audio, lighting, and video.


We're good at event management because we carefully study the success of past events, identify areas for improvement, and make recommendations for future events.

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